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Hello Doxie Lovers!
I have a 1 year old female named Lolli. She is stubborn as stubborn can get and I have been very proactive in her training! The one problem that is ongoing is her nipping and snapping. She is not being aggressive, its her way of letting you know that she wants to play. I have had to train my family members on the proper way to play with her because they think it is funny and encourage it. My 5 year old is her main target most of the time. She nips at her ankles and snaps towards her face when playing. It scares me and I'm overprotective of both of them. I could really use some tips on how to break this bad habit. I know its not just Lolli that needs to be corrected, its something that the whole family needs to work on.

When you're playing, as soon as she nips/ snaps, game ends. Get up and walk away without acknowledging her. The same with anyone else in the household, including friends/ family that come to visit and think it's funny to get her going. (you may have to help the five yr old move away and ignore her). Ignore her for a minute or two and then go back to playing a different game. If she does it again, you do the same thing - game ends, walk away. It will take time to get her to realize that her actions aren't wanted and hopefully she will stop. If she doesn't, then perhaps consult a behaviourist on how to change the behaviour.

The scary thing is, if you're out and about and she does this to anyone that doesn't know her, they will think she's aggressive - the stereotype for little dogs holds true with doxies too, mean, snappy little dogs (but we all know differently) - and their reaction may cause her to become overly excited.

Good luck!
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You can control their aggressive behavior simply by changing their routines and their diet. Generally dogs get aggressive when they are bored. This will help your dogs to get out of their boredom. Go for a walk or play with them after feeding them.