bad breath


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My doxie puppy is 6 months old and I brush her teeth b ut she still has
very bad breath. I am looking for some solutions. to this.


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Pups are going to have different breath until they are older. Best thing to do is get them walking as much as you can. (or make sure she is extremely active as well). My girl has always had bad breath and walking helps their system flow easy. Think of how small they are and how long their intestinal tracks are! Also it could depend on the type of food as well, she could need a diet change. I don't know how safe they are but greenies or dentastix could help her as well. Look into the toothpaste, sometimes dog toothpaste doesn't work. Good luck on that!


Hi I agree with Babysis I think I would look at her diet first and get her teeth checked are you sure there's no abscess or decaying tooth there?