Anyone in BC willing to help transport a dog from WA to Alberta?


Alberta Region Moderator
I am in Central Alberta, and tho I've made the trip twice (once to take a deaf/blind Dane to a person in Spokane, and once to pick up Mouse from the same person) I cant go all the way in the winter... I am a prairie driver... I dont like driving in the mountains!

I dont know when we'll set this up, or even if we will, but I am just trying to come up with people who may want to help. The dog is in Burlington, which is just below Abbotsford, I can go as far as Creston. I may be able to get him to Christina lake, Via the States, and i have a friend there.... anyone willing/able to help out? The dog that'll be transported is a deaf mini Dachshund that I am hopefully adopting :)