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Any Advice for a whining weiner??


New Member
Dec 4, 2010
Rocky the Miniture Longhaired Dachshund
Hi all,

Apparently our Rocky is whining when my boyfriend and I are at work- the longest he's by himself as about 2-3 hours at a time because we've got weird shifts.

He's always got fresh food and water available, things to chew and we leave the radio on for him. We're hopefully getting a second Doxie soon, so I'm thinking that may help for some company for him.

But has anyone else got any advice that could stop him whining?? :confused:


Beth x x
do you try leaving him a t-shirt or something that you recently wore or slept in? maybe a nice stuffed toy could also help.
Your lucky it is only whining, I have a screamer...
Yeah, he's always got one of my boyfriends socks to play with (as he never picks them up after taking them off lol)- and since your reply, I left my t-shirt I worn that day with him. When I got home he was all cosy in my t-shirt, so it seems to work. I'm hoping he'll stop when we get a seconf Doxie!!

Just glad I haven't got a screamer!! Feel sorry for you! lol x x
I have a screamer, and a whiner... I crate the 2 together and silence... :)
Bernie whines 1st thing in the morning as he is in his crate & Buzz our GSD x sleeps outside next to him, but as soon as they are together all the noise stops :)
I have spoke to people who said having more then 1 dog definitely helps. I am not in a position right now for a second dog unfortunately. Some other people I have read say they just ended up with 2 screamers. It really depends if your dog hates being alone, or hates being away from YOU. If the dog is just upset being alone then a friend can really help :)
Well, luckliy we are moving to a bigger place in the beginning of April, so we can get another :D

I friend of a friends mini shorthaired bitch is pregnant, so might be getting one of those if I pursuade my boyfriend! :rolleyes: