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Hi everyone,

I want to thank you all in advance for the awesome community you have going on here.

I just picked up a purebred dapple, smooth haired male miniature two days ago and I am trying my absolute best to turn Link (as in sausage link... Get it??) into the best behaved dog he can be.

Hes pretty good on puppy pads and has had only 3 accidents and today I saw him go to the pads by himself and pee. I was very proud. He whines when my wife and I go to bed, but stops after 20 min and sleeps through the night without an accident. He's taking to his crate very well and is very affectionate towards us (he follows my wife around when she is doing chores).

My only real concerns are his nipping and biting during play time and he doesn't seem to enjoy being led on a leash. He drop or pull back when I give gentle guidance.

I assume the leash problem will fade when I am able to take him on walks after he's had his set of shots. He learn to associate the leash to walks and then my problem will be getting him to heel.

As for the biting, I'm not sure if I Should suppress Link (holding him gently of his back until he is calm) when he is getting out of control when a firm "no" doesn't work. I also am considering ending play time when he bites and returning only after he is calm. I am also considering redirecting him to his chew toys and praising him when he does chew on those instead of my toes or furniture ( we spray with a mixture of vinegars which seems to work ok but he still attacks the underside of out sofa).

All in all, he's a wonderful joy and is quite a quiet puppy. Energetic but also enjoys a lot of naps.

Any helpful tips will be very appreciated.

I should also mention that I am a behavioral therapist that works with children with autism in schools. So I am quite happy that all the behavioral theories hold up quite well with my puppy.
Welcome. Love the name Link.

For the chewing, I've used whats called pine tar on things my dogs have chewed on. Its perfectly safe, it'll give them a bad tasted in their mouths that'll make them not want to do it again.

As for biting and nipping during play.. I'm going through the same problem. I have a 9 week old (also a smooth haired dapple) male pup. All i've been doing is giving a firm no and then stopping till he calms. He's getting better about it, but still tries.
For the nipping, have a toy ready and as soon as his teeth touch your skin YELP really loud and turn you back. Give it a few seconds and turn around and give him the toy. WHen he mouths that give lots and lots of praise for chewing the right thing. The toy thing also works when he is chewing something he is not supposed to. You catch him, a sharp loud AHHUAAA and give the toy to re-direct him and then praise praise praise when he starts chewing on the toy... he will soon learn that he is only supposed to put his mouth on toys not anything else. This is going to take time so be patient and consistant.

Good luck and welcome to the forum!!!
I'm no help with the leash issue, my dogs have never had problems with it.

For the nipping, as soon as teeth touch you, yelp (loudly) and walk away, completely ignoring the pup for a few seconds till he calms down. Then go back to him with a toy and praise him. Don't restrain him or hold him on his back, that only teaches him that you touching and holding him can be a form of punishment.

Welcome, again!
Tried the ignoring strategy, but Link seems to just nip at my toes until he gets distracted and moves on to it's tail or starts to chew the underside of the sofa. At that point, I no longer can ignore him.

I relented to restraining him, but he'll just mellow out and get up and return to biting me or the furniture.

The method that seems to be working right now, is a firm "NO" when he is chewing something he is not supposed to. And then redirecting him to a chew toy and when he takes to it, I slather on the praise.

He had another accident today, but for the most part, he is getting the point when he is taken to the puppy pads. He still fights against the leash, and I don't want to drag him across the room, so I carry him over to the puppy pads and just use the leash to make sure he doesnt run away until he does his business. I find that I have to use 2 pads and always leave one soiled so he understands that it's his potty area, otherwise, he kinda tries to wander off or bite the pad.