Allergies/Sensitive Skin


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Anyone else's doxie(s) have sensitive skin/allergies? Most days out of the week I have to give Leia a benadryl (usually on the days my allergies are extra bad) and even sometimes use a hydrocortisone spray to keep her from scratching/further irritate hotspots. I used to use a medicated shampoo I got from the vet, but she does just as fine with an oatmeal shampoo. I feed her the Nature's Recipe "Healthy Skin" hoping that it might help. Any tips/similar experiences?


Yikes! I used to have those problems with my llasa, but haven't experienced it with my new doxie. Let's see what the pros have to say..


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You might try changing the dog food. I had a dachshund that couldn't eat beef, chicken, and a lot of other things. I finally ended up cooking lentles, veggies together for their meal.


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Nola has severe food allergies to corn and soy, and environmental allergies to grass in the spring.
Have you tried changing the food? You have to have them only on the new food (no treats, scraps, supplements ect) for 6-8 weeks


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I had been giving Reggie Bendaryl for his allergies. Last Thursday afternoon when I got home from work I heard him yelp. I of course went to him and picked him up and loved on him. I put him down and I heard him yelp again, and it seemed to be with his front paws. I got down and checked all of his paws, in between the pads, couldn't see anything. He put his little head on my chest and when he picked his head up I saw a little blood on my blouse, that's when I noticed he had blood on his lids above both eyes and his eyes were swollen where he had scratched them. We went to the vet and he said severe hayfever, and Reg was the second case he saw that severe. He put Reg on an antibiotic, a cortisone eye drop, an ointment for his lids (he said Neosporin could be dangerous if it got in his eyes) and recommended that I give him the children's Allegra. Reg is doing better and his eyes look so much better now. But I've also taken another step and make sure I clean his paws with a damp cloth each time we come in from his walks, I don't want to leave anything to chance with his allergies.