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Alf does the pick up and drop trick

Wow! :D Alf is so cute!!!! And skilled too, of course. ;)
Ha ha thank you! :-) Yes Iam most proud of this trick since we wored so long on it. Usually he gets it in a day or two, but this one took longer. It was the first trick I always wanted to learn my dog :D
I have to try if Manu could learn that also. :)
He will definitly learn this. Just take it in pieces. First the pick up, then holding it, then dropping it, then drop it in the box :)
Awe he's sooo cute!!! I'm in the process of videoing all Mouse's tricks :) then I'm going to put together a video.
Awww i been lOoking to make one!! Is there a pattern? Or did u make it without one
Bra gjort, Alf.
Can you e-mail me that one? :D
Just "rightclick" the gif of your choice (all 4 ;)) and choose "save image as".
Use them in your e-mails and on your website, have fun and say hello to Alf. :D