Ahhhh winter has finally hit!!!


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and Mouse is not impressed! Silly little girl! We've had one of the longest Autumn's I've ever seen, but on Monday it started snowing, and the temps dropped considerably... poor little Mouse! I am such a mean Mommy making her pee outside!:eek: she doesn't like wearing sweaters and booties, and yesterday, she stood there like a little goof, shivering and looking up pathetically, until she realized that I was ignoring her... so she stood on my feet!:D so I stepped away, and she stood on my feet again!:D:D LOL... we played this game, until she finally peed. I figured that she wasn't going to poop, so we went back in. but today she figured out that if she goes right away, I'll pick her up and put her in my coat:D

But at least her housetraining isn't suffering with this cold snap! but it's sooo annoying having to dress up the dog everytime I take her out for a pee!:rolleyes:
lol...we haven't got any snow here, just wet and miserable, unlike Mouse, Bernie toilet training has gone backwards since the wet weather :(

I did look at raincoats in the petshop today...not bought anything yet!
It's been stupid cold now for a week, and it's going to last until Thursday! It's -29C (-19C actual temp) with the wind chill for a HIGH today! and it's suposed to get into the -30's for overnight temps. but back up to -2C for friday... THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! I haven't been able to get my high energy dog out, and I (and my house) am suffering for it! I am doing mind games, clicker training and such but it's too much inactivity for him, the poor guy!