Connie has now attended her second agility lesson and things are going surprisingly well!

She absolutely loves the tunnel but getting her to wait at one end till I get to the other is proving a bit of a challenge, her enthusiasm is a slight disadvantage at times!

The ramps she has taken to like a duck to water! I think she likes the advantage of being higher up and the extra view lol!

Poles are still on the ground at this stage which she is finding a bit boring as she is already used to jumping over small logs in the woods. She has a tendency to just walk over them and can't be bothered to make the extra effort. She is happy to hop through a low tyre though.

We are not attempting any weaving at the moment due to her age and not wanting to put any strain on her back. But she is happy to walk in and out of poles carefully distanced a fair bit apart.

Overall I couldn't be more pleased with her, we are both having fun and enjoying it immensely. I will try to post some photos as she progresses.


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That's great! Lupi used to love agility. She made everyone laugh because of her enthusiasm. Her speed was never as good as the border collies in the class, but she never missed a contact.
Lupi has IVVD now, so no more agility for her. Hopefully Connie will stay strong and healthy because it is such a fun sport.


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That is really awesome! I always love to hear folks doing stuff with their doxies.
Keep us posted, and can't wait for those photos!