Adie Mae Pictures


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What do you all think? :) Sorry the lightening isn't the best. It was indoors and in a hurry.
So I was wondering about that! In the pictures I took she looks black and tan but in person she's more of a dark red/brown look or faded black. Is that a color? Would she be considered black and tan still?

And the tufts on her ears and legs is she a long haired? I was told she was because the rest of her litter mates were really slick coated.
Cute baby doll :)

She's still black and tan. Usually when a black dog starts fading in colour, there's a vitamin or mineral missing from their diet, that causes the melatonin to not produce the colour properly. What kind of puppy food is she on, that may be your first culprit?

She may be a medium haired pup - some parts will look long haired and other parts will look smooth, though she would still be classed as a long hair.
Definitely a black and tan. Chocolate would have a liver nose :) She's absolutely ADORABLE!!!