A special prayer for our beloved pets


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A prayer for our beloved pets who have left us.

Our G-d and G-d of our ancestors, Creator of the universe which You filled with the wonders of life, You have brought forth diverse living creatures and endowed us with the ability to love them, care for them, and be comforted by them.

O L-rd our G-d, we come before You this day in sadness. [name of pet] who brought us so much joy in life, has now died. We are grateful to You, G-d, for creating [name], for entrusting him/her to our care, and for sustaining him/her in our love for a measure of time.

We thank you for the life of our pet, a constant and loyal companion who shared our home and our love. At the same time we grieve the loss of our beloved pet, we give You thanks for the miracle of life and the wonder of the love and companionship we shared.

We understand that all that lives must die. We knew that this day would come. And yet, O G-d, we would have wanted one more day of play, one more evening of love with our beloved pet.

G-d, full of love, dwelling in the spirit of all life, may the spirit of [name] be accepted into Your love. By the merit of his/her love, may his/her spirit live on in the love of all life.

O G-d, as we have taken care of [name] in life, we ask that You watch over him/her in death.

May we care for all Your creatures, for every living thing, as we protected the blessed life of our beloved pet. May his/her memory bless our lives with love and caring forever.



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The above was originally sent to me when my beloved little Lexi died, and then again when I lost my wonderful epi girl. I have passed it on to far too many people, using their dog's name of course, and the responses I have always had have been wonderfully positive.

Somehow it seems more personal and I apologise if the religious tone and wording offends anyone.

I do not know who originally wrote it but I thank them. All I know is that it would be nice if it were sent on to those who had lost their beloved pets, with the request that it be passed on etc.

It is immaterial whatever your faith is, or even if you have a faith. It is like the Rainbow Bridge - somewhere there is someone looking after our beloved ones. For me I prefer it as a prayer and it gave me comfort more than once.

Please forgive me if my words are offensive to anyone.