A mixture of questions/ problems with 6 month old.


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Love my Jackson so very much and hes the most adorable and cutest thing.
BUT... heres the probs as I see them

1. he just does not get house training. Right from the word go he wont do any toileting outside. I already have a 9 yr old collie cross dalmation who I housetrained within a couple of weeks. But Jackson just wont go outside. I can talk him for an hour long walk, as soon as he gets inside the house he lets go with everything he has held in.

2. Ok, I know he loves me.I love him to. Its like having a toddler in the house that doesn't leave you alone. I go in the shower, hes sat outside the shower door with his nose pressed against it, if I open the shower door, he jumps in and joins me. Same with going to the loo, he will scratch at the door. Same with being in the kitchen, if im stood still for longer than a second, he curls up on top of my feet.

3. He growls/ barks at anyone that comes near me/ into my house/ walks past my house/ walks past the car/ etccc... he does this with his tail between his legs and hackles up. Im trying to teach him Quiet... but then he looks at me gives a few little gruffs then lays down grumbling. He is almost constantly grumbling, whoofing, then barking.

My other dog is so laid back hes comatose... only barks if someone comes to the door. That I expect and don't mind.

The only people Jackson is happy with, are my next door neighbours as I go round there quite often and Jackson comes round with me and plays with Pablo their small Yorkshire terrier.

Soo... that's the problems I have at the moment, ive read and tried all sorts to sort it all out. Any suggestions would be great.

Thanks in advance


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What have you tried so far to house train him?

Sounds like he needs to interact with other people a little more too. Best to do that while he's still young or you'll have more problems later that are harder to fix.

(Sorry, I typed a lot more but the site keeps glitching or logging me out and deleting everything I try to post)