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A little hi from Canada!


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Feb 15, 2012
Pogo (Dashchund), Milo (Cat) and Dexter, Maki, Teeka, Cooper, Tekila (Parrots)
Hey you guys! I found this forum on the internet and I'm quite happy I found this!

My name is Melanie, I'm 23 years old. I work in a pet store (it's been 4 years now). I've always loved animals. Got my first bird, Sparky (a Cockatiel) when I was 9 years old, and he started my love for birds. My mom always had alot of dogs (she doesn't breed them, she just loves them!). My mom has 7 dogs (3 Chihuahuas, one Yorkshire mix, one Shih-Tzu mix, one Mini Schnauzer and a Portuguese Water Dog + 2 cats)

So...We got these baby Dachshunds at my work, three babies before Christmas. There was two unicolor and one black and tan. The black and tan one got sold quick. Then the two brothers were left. There was the ''big'' one and the ''small'' one. Not much difference, but we could tell which was which. I fell in love with the ''big'' one right around Christmas. Wow, so lovable, so much emotion in his eyes, I was in love. I always told myself not to fall in love with the animals at my work, because I can't have them all. I already have 5 birds (birds are my passion - I have 3 Cockatiels, one Lovebird and a Jardine Parrot), a cat and two Leopard Geckos. But I kept thinking of this little ''big'' guy at my work. Not kidding, I even dreamed about him! I now live with my boyfriend at his parents place and they already have 4 dogs so I knew I couldn't bring him there, so I kept asking my mom to dogsit this ''big'' guy for me until we move (we are moving in a house in May). I knew it was going to be hard since she already has 7 doggies...

So one day, his brother got sold. I was really sad because I wanted them to leave together. The the ''big'' guy, which I then nicknamed Pogo, was depressed. He didn't eat, I had to feed him in my hands, wet his food and ofcourse, give him lots of love. Now I loved him even more. I never thought of myself as a ''Dachshund person'' they never caught my eye, but him! I always loved big dog (I had 2 Dobermans with my ex and I'm gonna get a Great Dane and a Husky when we move).

So now Pogo was alone and no clients asked to see him, until one day, this lady asked me to take him. I did, and she started asking billions of questions. I was having a heart attack thinking that she was going to buy him. She left saying that she would think about it. I immediatly called my mom, almost crying... and of course, she told me to bring the dog home.

I have never met such an awesome dog. He follows me everywhere, he already does his business outside and he sits. He's 5 months old and he's 12 pounds (think he'll grow bigger? His parents are 8 pounds and 13). I don't think I've ever loved a dog this much, he's the best.

Here's my baby, Pogo :) (sorry, alot of pictures, I love taking pictures and have a beautiful model!)



Woaw, a treat!



Here he is with moi :)


And the rest of my family

Here's my pretty cat, Milo

My Jardine Parrot, Dexter (also called Mr. Jardine)


Maki, the Cockatiel

Teeka (Cockatiel)

and Cooper (Cockatiel)

Enjoy! Can't wait to hear from you guys and look around the forum! :D
Welcome! My two little Double Dapple's and I also live in Canada :) Your little guy is very cute.
Hi there, I'm from Ontario. The Southwestern end of things, lol. Welcome to the forum!

I'm a former Dobermann owner too - my last one passing away last summer and just like you I never thought I'd be a Dachshund person...until Arelus came along. He's my baby boy :D Love him to pieces! I often joke with my kids that someday I'm going to have a matching pair - one Dobe and one Dachs - probably in black n tan.

As for will your baby get any bigger? Yes, probably. Arelus is 8 months old and weighs in at 13.5 lbs - has for the last two months. I'm always concerned about his weight because overweight weenies are just asking for back problems. So even though your boy's mom and dad weighed in at 8 and 13 respectively, your guy might gain another pound or two by the time he's done growing in about a month or so. Soooo, that means that he would be considered a small standard and not a miniature.

Last of all, have fun, enjoy the forum and if you have any questions, just give us a holler!
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Thanks everyone! I don't mind if my little guy gets bigger, I like big dogs (big, not fat!) haha! He's awesome, I gotta say that he's a good puppy :) Can't wait to read more from you guys!

Also, do you bring ur Dachshunds out in the winter? I don't want his paws to get cold and I don't seem to find little boots that fits him (I tried little socks, it's super cute but they don't hold very long!)
My guy goes out in the winter. I forget the exact name of the stuff, but there is a cream/ vaseline type of paw protector on the market that helps keep paws safe from the road salt. Ree refuses to wear boots...actually he hates having his feet touched period, so it makes slathering some of this stuff on and trimming his nails a chore. Playing outside is a different story because if my older shih tzu mix boys go out, he's gotta go with them regardless to how cold it is outside.

Most clothes that are generically made don't seem to fit dachsies (boots might be even more of a chore because their front paws are slightly larger than their back ones) They're either too short or don't fit around their chests. I'm almost tempted to have his clothes tailor made like I did his harness - again a chest size thing and not cutting off the blood supply or pinching nerves close to the front leg.
Thanks! And about the food, what food do you give your Dachshunds? I just want to know which is best!
Thanks! And about the food, what food do you give your Dachshunds? I just want to know which is best!

Since you're in Canada, you should have a Global Pet Foods nearby. Anything you can find there is a good food :)

I dont feed one kind of food. My dogs get something different every meal. One of my doxie's needs higher protein and fat than the other.

Here are some good brands:

Champion Pet Foods: Orijen and Acana. Made in Alberta from all human grade ingredients. There is a very wide range of products between the two brands, from very rich, grain-free Orijen, to a lower grade grain based Acana, and everything inbetween. Champion Petfoods | Home

Merrick Pet Foods: Before Grain, Merrick 5 star entrees, Whole Earth Farms. Made in Texas. Again a wide range of products between the three brands with Before Grain being their grain free line and the entrees and whole earth farms (holistic) with grains. Merrick Pet Foods : merrickpetcare.com

Fromm Family Foods: Fromm Gold, Fromm 4 Star Recipes, Fromm Classics: Very well made foods, some brands are holistic, some have grain, some dont. Fromm Family Foods Gourmet Dog & Cat Food, Naturally Holistic

Petcurian: Go!, Now fresh, Summit: Made in BC. Another good food, some grains, some not. Quality Food for Your Dog and Cat | Go!, Now, Summit | Petcurean

Taste of the Wild: only the one brand: Made in California, Missouri and South Carolina. A grain-free food that is very well made, with excellent ingredients. Grain-Free Natural Premium Holistic Healthy Dog and Cat Food - Taste of the Wild Pet Food

FirstMate: Grain-Free, Classic Formula and Skoki: Made in BC. I just discovered this one, I really like the company, from what research I've done, and the dogs really like it. FirstMate - pet foods

Natural Balance: Natural Balance Original Ultra, Natural Balance LID. Made in California. Many different varieties, some have grain, some dont, but a good quality. Pet Food, Dog and Cat Food | naturalbalanceinc.com

Addiction: all the same name: Made in Canada, USa, Australia and New Zealand. EXCELLENT food! I feed the dehydrated raw and canned. it's really good stuff! Made with unique proteins, so low allergenic. Stay Ahead of the Pack with the Leader in Hypoallergenic Pet Nutrition

Canisource: one brand dehydrated raw food. Made in Quebec. A really good food as well. I also feed this (mostly as treats) It looks kinda funny though LOL CaniSource

All of these foods I feed to my dogs. I feed them something different every meal. Boo (my almost 8 yo Dachshund) gets the less rich foods, (Natural Balance, Merrick 5 star entrees, Go, Now, and Fromm). Mouse (my 3 year old Dachshund) gets the rich and fatty foods (Taste of the Wild, Orijen, Acana Ranchland, Acana Pacifica, First Mate), mostly, but gets everything else too. I have a heck of a time keeping weight on her. Oliver, my 40lb Terrier mix gets everything except Orijen (too rich for him)

Oliver and Boo get canned foods mixed in once every day or two, Mouse always gets Addiction dehydrated Raw mixed in (I've finally got some weight on her with this stuff!) and they always get extras. A vitamin powder Petchup Health | Petchup – All rights reserved. , Kelp, (which ALL dogs should get!!!! here's why Kelp for Dogs | Seaweeds and Algaes for Dog Health ), Sardines, Fruits and Veggies, Salmon Oil Wild Salmon Oil , A joint supplement Re-Gen Max , Raw Chicken legs, turkey necks and Oxtails, Olive Oil, And various herbs now and then.

I want my dogs to live forever!!!:D
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I agree with Deaf Dogs, Global Pet Foods has an amazing selection of great foods. I also use Ren's Pet Depot - they have all the brands mentioned above and often times at a better price than Global.

My three guys eat Nature's Variety Instinct and Prairie. Nature's Variety has a raw food, a kibble and a canned all made from the same stuff just cooked differently for each variety. It's all grain free, which I like because there's no corn, wheat and soy in them. The other thing I like is the different flavours available to the dogs. They never have to eat the same flavour 2 nights in a row. They have the usual chicken (and an organic chicken) and beef, which I try to stay away from, because again chicken and beef can cause food sensitivities from all the hormones and stuff that we humans pump into them. I usually pick up a bag of the raw medallions, a bag of the kibble and a couple cans of in the other flavours they have (duck, rabbit, venison, bison and lamb) As of right now, I have a bag of lamb and bison medallions in my freezer (just thaw and serve) a bag of the rabbit kibble and we finished off the venison cans last night.

Nature's Variety is set up so that you can rotate between the three - raw, kibble, canned. With my guys I'll do a night of raw, then a night of kibble, a night of canned and then start all over again with the raw. What a difference I see in them since I started too. My older shih boys were picky eaters - not anymore - they eat all their dinner now...and their teeth - big difference, no gunk stuck to them and they're white like the pup's teeth. The pup on the other hand has been eating this since he was about 5 1/2 months old (he's now 8 months) and I've had no problems at all with his growth or his weight (he's now neutered as well and no problems with weight gain)

And the best part is...what I used to spend on 2 different kinds of dog food (adult and puppy) I now spend on this rotation diet, so I'm not spending any more than normal.

Lots to consider :) You can also check dogfoodadvisor.com to see how these foods rate if you have any concerns about them or even your own current dog food.

Yes we have a long winter i the north of sweden. Alf is sensitive to the wether so we have bought him some fleece-socks and he loves them. He wont go outside if its more then -10 c, without his shoes or a coat :)


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Do NOT feed Science Diet!!! It has more corn in it than anything and you pay through the nose for a very bad food. Nutrience isn't horrible, it's just not the best. Royal Canin isn't too bad either, but still not of the quality I want to feed my dogs. Where are you? Too bad you dont have a Global. do you have any specialty pet stores? TailBlazers possibly? I wont feed my dogs anything that they sell in Petsmart. Petland isn't bad, they carry some good foods, just charge an arm and a leg for the privelage of buying it there (besides, I boycott any store that sells puppies) though our Petland here quit selling puppies, so I'm now able to buy stuff there if I cant find it anywhere else for cheaper. I would completely avoid Iams, Eukanuba, Purina, Nutro, Science Diet, and anything else made by large Corperations. They make food as cheap as possible and sell it as high as they can to make as much profit as possible.

I dont see what the breed specific foods are good for, I really dont. Yes I supplement my dogs, but they get alot better quality of vitamins and supplements that what is provided in the breed specific foods. I guess I tailor my feeding to the specific dog, for sure, but I dont need food to do that for me, not all doxies are the same, some might do well on it, some wont.
Nutrience isn't bad, that's what Ree started out on, but I found that he started having issues with his ears (itchy, smelly) and to me that is a sure sign that there was something in the food that was not doing him any good.

The breed specific foods are a gimmick I hate to say it. They change a few things in the ingredient list, slap a breed on it and market it as the best thing going. Eukanuba also has a dachshund specific food that isn't much different than Royal Canin. If you're really in doubt about what to feed your guy that's within your price range, try looking up a canine nutritionist. Vets have very little training when it comes to recommending really good foods unless they have a specialty in nutrition. Of those kinds of vets I know of only one in Ontario and I'm not even sure she practices anymore.
I work at a petstore and where I work I get prices for food. The brands we have are : Nutrience, Science Diet, Royal Canin and Oven Baked.

Oven Baked seems to be very good, it's made in Québec so I doubt you guys have that where you live. Here's the link
Natural Dog Food - Oven Baked

There's also the Hollistic Nutrience which is new
Holistic | Nutrience.ca

I just want your advice, we don't really have any ''food specialists'' here for dogs, and I dunno if I trusts the vets - they just wanna sell the food to make money so... I just want to know what's best for my little guy. Do you give any supplements? Vitamins? Calcium?... Thanks again!
Holistic Nutrience sounds like a good idea. I would go with that one :)

I don't supplement right now. Ree is too young in my eye to be on supplements of any kind. When he gets older, then I probably will because that's what I'm thinking I'm going to do with my two older boys in another year or so when they turn 5...then again it could be sooner, depends on what their health is like.