A Dachshund and his Great Dane


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Here are some videos of Junior playing with his big brother Callahan! They love each other so much lol!

Playing around and being silly!
Great Dane vs. Dachshund puppy - YouTube

Haha Junior really loves his big brother...
Dachshund loves his Great Dane - YouTube

Junior is really adorable!

Mouse was fostered with 8 great danes, and bossed them all! Now she plays with my Oliver, but he's only 40 lbs LOL
Aww soo cute :) reminds me of when my Blain was a pup we had a great Dane and they were the best of friends. The looks we used to get was priceless.
That's too funny. I've always wanted to see a Dachshund next to a Great Dane.

We used to have a huge dog that my Dachshund would play with. One day when there was a little snow on the ground and they were both outside for a bit, we found the Dachshund asleep on top of the other dog. :D