9 week old mini dach

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My fiance and I just brought a mini dachshund home. She is only 9 weeks old, and she cry everytime we leave the room, and at night when we put her to bed. Will this get better? We are trying to ignore her when she does this .... any suggestions?

we also have a 3 year old shih tzu - he never had this problem. he didnt sleep at night - just played - but he was happy in his play pen.


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Congrats on the new addition! My suggestion would be, put a toy she likes in with her. And (assuming its a kennel) cover it with a blanket or something.

My doxie, he did the same when i brought him home. Was fine after i started covering his kennel, and putting his favorite toy with him.
A second dachshund?

We finally had to get a second dog. PD was becoming too clingy and a bit neurotic. The second dog really helped.


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Your doing the right thing by ignoring her... give her time, she is still a baby and will learn that she has to be quiet. BUT yes give a toy or a Kong filled with peanut butter or yogurt.. freeze it so it last longer, but that will keep her quiet for a while.