8 month old potty help!!


New Member
Hello! I am new here, and am in need of some help with my 8 month old doxie. I've had her since she was 7 weeks. She has only gone to the bathroom outside twice. She loves being outside! I've used the command "go potty" with her, and she sniffs where all the other dogs go, at our apt complex. But she never goes. Even being outside for several hours, she still won't go. As soon as we go inside, she immediately goes on her potty pads. I fear taking her potty pads completely away, because she goes on them 95% of the time. She's come a very long way, and I don't want to take them away to have her start going to the bathroom on the carpet. I don't want her thinking that's okay.
Anyone else have this difficulty? I have the spray that helps them know where to go outside, but no luck. She is very motivated by food, of course, but I just can't get her to go outside to reward her now that it has clicked with her to always go on her pads.