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Arkansas Dachound Shelter
Hi my name is Kiwi and my sisters name is Heidi and my mom's name is Susan, and I am a 2 yr old minature dach tri color and i think i am such a pretty dog, My mom ran a ferret rescue now for over 15 yrs now and sence i came along 2 yrs ago shes always had a love for us dachounds of all sizes and colors, even though she loves the ferrets and shes retireing from the ferret rescue she wants to keep the Dach rescue sence shes been doing this now for the last year or so cause of pretty ol me, I was real tiny and only a couple weeks old when mom found me, the people that were owners left me and all us other dog to die they didnt love us anymore i guess and thay had ferrets too, so no one wants us and mom took the ferrets and saw me and so she took me in along with my real mommy and my other brothers and sisters. mom dies when i was 2 weeks old and so mom had to bottle feed me and my brothers and sisters, yup we is per breed minature daches. when we got old enough mom adopted the kids out and kept me and my other little sister cause we was so tiny and sickly but you couldnt tell it now you see i is the runt and my sister is next to the runt, anyways i love to talk about myself and about my little sister Heidi so if mom gets on here and starts telling stories about us dont belive her causes chanches are its the truth but as i always tell my mommie we is angels and we do no wrong in your eyes remember mommy.. anyways hope to get to meet someof my cousins on here besides their mommies and daddys and thank you for letting us join the fourm Love Kiwi and Heidi oh ya and of course Mom