12 week old Male Dachshund HELP NEEDED!


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We recently Purchased a 7 week old Dapple Dachshund puppy, We absolutely love him, especially me. I got him to be an ESA dog for me (emotional support dog) for PTSD. I have a few really important questions and concerns an this is my first time with a small dog, or a dachshund for that matter.

My first concern is that he is very clingy and attached to me, I am currently 7 months pregnant and I am very concerned that when the baby does come in august Gunther (our Doxie) will be extremely thrown off and jealous of the baby. We got him knowing this was a possibility and I am wondering if there is a way I can avoid this or help ease his stress if this does happen.

My second concern is that I am spoiling him too much, I feel like I am constantly holding him or he wants to be on or near me. He seems to prefer me over my husband or anybody else. He does not like to be handled by anybody already other than me or my husband and will try to jump away from them if they try to hold him.

He is crate trained at night and when we leave the house, we are currently using a puppy pad as he has no concept of going outside to the bathroom, I am wondering if there are any tricks or tips to train him to go outside, or am I going to have a major battle on my hands?

I am also concerned about his jumping, He is constantly jumping and I can't seem to stop him at all. He will try to jump and jump and jump over everything. I really am worried about back issues if he continues. I know he is young but I am still somewhat concerned if the behavior continues it won't be okay for him to do that with older age.

I am worried he is going to end up really possessive over me and not be friendly with other people despite how much we socialize him. We have been bringing him into public as much as we can to get him used to strangers and being pet and such. He just seems like he has a lot of anxiety and it may get worse with age.

Any advice you can give me would be great! Thanks :)

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Dachshunds are one people dogs.They find one and stick to it.I have four and they all stick to me more than to my boyfriend who also lives with us.For example they won't leave a room with him if I'm not going.They will just stare at him like he is some kind of mutant. They are fine when I'm not home.They are not very friendly with strange people. No,not like biting or barking,they know they are not allowed to do that,but they are not interested in cuddling with them,the youngest of my four is the only one who will let a strange person pet her,the other three will keep a distance and if the person trying to pet them won't understand they don't want being touched they may start bark and show teeth.
You have to learn to ignore him sometimes.He may come to you and whine and ask to be held,just ignore it or he will learn that he gets what he wants when he whines.Right now,when I sit here by the table and type two of mine are in the bed,one staring out the window because she somehow knows we are about to go for walk ,third sleeping on the floor and three adorable 5 weeks old puppies sleeping by my feet(I'm a breeder,those babies are not staying).No whining.If someone will come for attention or ask me to take them in my lap I will just pet them and ask to leave.
About the bathroom thing. He is 7 weeks old puppy,don't expect him to know where he is supposed to do that.Be happy he is using puppy pad.When he is old enough(after he has his shots) start to take him out after he wakes up,after he plays,after he eats and somewhere in the middle.If he does something inside grab him and bring outside,yes even if he continuous peeing/pooping. I hope you don't live on a 12th floor :D If you live in a house with a fenced in yard where no other dogs,who might not be vaccinated,walks you can start this now.


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Thanks for the info!!
He is 12 weeks old now, not 7. He uses the puppy pad well but will not go number 2 on it. Lol
I may start outdoor training. He has had his shots. I have been trying to get him to stop jumping at me and whining but I feel bad because he is a baby and my mother instinct kicks in. He is like my little baby. He will go to others to be pet, people he doesn't know with his tail wagging and happy to be pet by them, just doesn't want to be on their lap or held by them. If he does nip or bite, should I put him in his place? How should I do that, a stern NO! and put him down? I just want to make sure he doesn't get too self entitled or dominant over people. I noticed he is quite the little ball of attitude :p