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    Can You Help Me Find?

    Hello, I haven't been on in an a very long time. I have been very busy and something very bad happened to my Banjo (Standard Dachshund), and with a broken heart I must say that he didn't pull through... Rest In Peace, Banjo - YouTube I am looking for another Standard Dachshund, but I...
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    Videos Of Banjo!

    These are Banjo's tricks he knows. I couldn't do all 46 tricks though!! He's so smart!! I love him to death! All his tricks are taught using positive reinforcement and clicker training!! We might not be famous like Zak George, Victoria Stillwell, Heather and Jesse, or Ashley and Kaine, but we...
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    Hello Everybody

    Hello, My name is Destiny, and I own a 4 1/2 year old tri colored Standard Dachshund named Banjo. Banjo is my heart-dog, my world, my life, he's the best dog I have ever owned, and he's truely a member of the family. Pictures!! Hope you enjoyed our little introduction =)