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  1. Ilovemylily

    How does ur doxie sleeps??

    Mine likes to cuddles up in the blankies next to me!:) [/IMG] [/IMG] And this is her waking
  2. Ilovemylily

    Scary story :O

    So today we took our dogs out for a walk this time we decided to take them to a local farm/park. We were walking along and i stopped to change shoes because i knew there would be a little creek on the otherbside of the hill but as i did little lily got lose and started running towards the...
  3. Ilovemylily

    White hair!?

    Hi everybody!!! Just a quick question! My puppy is 7/8 months old and she started to griw white hairs on her eyebrows and a couple more in her body is that normal? I thought only old dogs get white hairs...:/
  4. Ilovemylily

    She bites her older brother!

    Hey guys i was wondering if anyone has any ideas of how i can get my lil dachi to stop bitting and attacking her older brother. She is 6 months old and loves to play with her 5 year old brother poodle! But she is too rough!!! She butes his ears, his upper lip?! Until he cries and has to hide! If...
  5. Ilovemylily

    ??? Vet recommended me to stop cooking for my pupp!??!!!

    So i usually cook for my dogs 3-4 days a weekjust got the idea from one of the discussions here i cook beef rice and veggies but today my vet said i should gett her off of the " people food" and give her a " better" diet meaning dog food im confused!!!i thought freshly made healhy food was a...
  6. Ilovemylily

    Starting all over again?

    As some of u guys know my puppy had parvo last month, she is recovering well i took her to the vet and the dirst thing they said is.. I do t know how she is still alive... Which is amazing to me, anyways she lost her sight and for some weeks but recovered it. But not her hearin. She was potty...
  7. Ilovemylily

    Miracle medicine?

    Hey everyone as i guys know my little 3 monthold puppy got parvo last month! We took her to the vet imeadiately and for more than a week there was no sing of her getting bEtter, i did everything the vet did she was hospitalized and nothing! I finally decided to take her home and take care of her...
  8. Ilovemylily


    My lily lily got parvovirus!! I took her to the vet cause she had been sik all day today:( shes being treated pray for her!! Shes only 3 mnths old!
  9. Ilovemylily

    How old was your puppy when he started to bark?

    Hello! I jope everyons having a great day! I was just wondering at wat age do puppies bark mine is 4 months and has never done it! I dont really mind but just want to know if theres something wrong with her:/
  10. Ilovemylily


    Ok guys once again I need help my puppy got into her treat bag and ate them all!!!! It was very irresponsible of me to leave it close to her but I didn't think she could break in it! She now won't stop throwing up she pooped a lot of it too just now but is there something I can do to make it...
  11. Ilovemylily

    Dandruff problems:(

    So my 8 week old puppy has tons of dandruff all over I showered her three times this week they tell me tht might have something to do with it but what do I do to make it better?!! :/
  12. Ilovemylily

    Saying hello from salt lake city

    Hello just joined the forum my name is Ana and my little one is lily! A black/red 8 week old mini dachshund. First time I have a puppy and trying to potty train is hard work! But I hope with time we'll get better!! :)