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  1. Nell

    what questions to ask

    What health tests the parents have had PRA Cord1 (eye test) and Lafora if a mini wire haired. Have they had any vaccinations, what are they bring fed and how often. Check parents papers and any health certificates. Hope you find your perfect baby :)
  2. Nell

    I'm not a breeder but I have questions about my litter of pups

    OK first if you have bred a litter of puppies you ARE a breeder. The pups are here now so I won't go into the ethics of how they arrived. The first and foremost should be to find them good homes, money should not be the priority. For mixed breed dogs then really I personally would accept a...
  3. Nell

    Breeding Question: Double Dapple + Piebald

    No one would be considered ethical to breed at all from a Double Dapple in the UK. Double Dapple will produce some double dapple pups risking blindness, deafness and no other matter of problems. I would urge you to reconsider and look for another stud for your bitch. "Double Dappling might...
  4. Nell

    Family Portraits

    I have a new family member............she is a rescue kitten from the most disgusting house ever! the gang have taken to her as if she was one of them and after a vets visit, deworming eye drops and de fleeing she is one pretty kitten!
  5. Nell


    Yes Casey, Mabel is my new wire. She is twelve months now and has fitted in brilliantly. I actually think it is easier with three, as I can always take one with me and no one is home alone lol! we rotate now! I have also in the last couple of weeks rescued a kitten, who also thinks she is a...
  6. Nell


    Hi everyone, I haven't been on this site for some time as there have been a few changes in my life but am pleased to say I now have another sausage, a wire girl Mabel! and have started a new hobby making hand knit jumpers for Dachshunds! Here are a few I have done so far, if anyone is interested...
  7. Nell

    Show training

    Your treat purses are a really good idea Penny. I don't have much experience of showing dachshunds but used to show my Pointers. The thing I found the hardest was getting the right pace of the "walk" to get the best extension for the dogs gait. Every dog has an individual pace so getting...
  8. Nell


    OOh just remembered a friend who had something similar her dog had inhaled a grass seed through her nose which had imbedded itself in the back of the nose lining and it caused an awful infection, she had both pus and blood from her nose???? Has your vet actually checked up her nose for any...
  9. Nell


    Hi, I don't have any experience of this but I agree it does seem a bit odd that the swelling comes and goes. My experience of tumours is that once established they only grow even if really slowly. It may be the first lot of antibiotics did some good but that they didn't eradicate the...
  10. Nell


    Sorry but I don't like crates either. I didn't get a dog to keep it in a cage and a closed crate is a cage. My dogs are part of my family, I wouldn't put a child in a crate, I would teach them to behave from young and to me a dog is no different. Dogs need three things to thrive, love, good...
  11. Nell

    Hi from Spain

    Hi and welcome from the UK! Really hope you enjoy the forum cant wait to see some pictures of your little one!
  12. Nell

    Aggressive dachshunds

    Lupita, I very much agree with your comments. I have also known many dachshunds here that are not particularly friendly with strangers. These dogs are very loyal to their family or pack and are incredibly brave so will guard if they feel threatened. I have been very lucky in that I have been...
  13. Nell

    Hello, we're new here

    Hi and welcome from the UK! What lovely pics of your babies, here are my three, Mr Woods a dachshund x border terrier, Connie red smooth hair and Mabel brindle wire hair.
  14. Nell

    Future doxie owners

    Hi and welcome from the UK! My advice would be to research as much as you can, there are some hereditary diseases in dachshunds (like many breeds) so make sure parents have all health tests etc. Make sure you understand about the double dapple gene as well. The three coat types have certain...
  15. Nell

    Aggressive dachshunds

    Out of my three Connie does have the "potential" to be quite aggressive as she is very high energy and maintenance lol! she is actually very intelligent and can be very bossy, she likes to guard her pack and is very choosey about who or what other dogs she will allow into the pack. Underneath...
  16. Nell

    Our first ever post... Hair trim question

    Hi and welcome from the UK! I only have short and wire, hope it grows back!!!
  17. Nell

    Saying hello!

    Hi and welcome from the UK! Lovely boys are they related?
  18. Nell

    Family Portraits

    Aww what a shame they don't like to swim with that lovely pool!! mine would give anything for that, me too, I would love to swim with my dogs.
  19. Nell

    Moka broke her nail

    Aww bless her, I hope it heals quickly. It must have hurt so she is a very good girl to let you clean and bandage it.
  20. Nell

    Collar or harness?

    I prefer collars but it's really just a matter of personal taste. Some people get a harness as they think it will be better for their dogs backs but the truth is both are a strain on the back if the dog pulls. Some dogs seem to walk better with a collar and some with a harness, the best...