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  1. Nell


    Hi everyone, I haven't been on this site for some time as there have been a few changes in my life but am pleased to say I now have another sausage, a wire girl Mabel! and have started a new hobby making hand knit jumpers for Dachshunds! Here are a few I have done so far, if anyone is interested...
  2. Nell

    Registering Puppies

    Hi every one, I was just wondering if you could help me with some research I am doing. The KC in the UK are currently allowing the multiple registration of pedigree puppies from the same bitch in less than twelve months (at every season). The maximum registrations they will allow is four...
  3. Nell

    Pseudo Pregnancy

    As Nicky is sharing her pregnancy story, I thought I would also share my poor Connie's recent pseudo pregnancy. She had her first season exactly nine weeks ago and her mammary glands started to swell approx. three weeks ago. She has shown all the outward signs of pregnancy, but believe me she is...
  4. Nell

    PRA Cord 1 & Laforas

    I was just wondering if anyone can tell me their experiences of PRA Cord 1 and Laforas in other countries. We have both in our dachshund population in the UK and it is something most reputable breeders are working hard to eradicate. We are able to test for the PRA Cord 1 via an animal Health...
  5. Nell

    To my dog.........

    This is the promise I make to my dogs......................
  6. Nell

    Family Portraits

    Here is my family Portrait, do you have one to share?
  7. Nell


    Connie and her new best friend Pippa xx :)
  8. Nell

    Save chilli!!!!

    Please, please go this website and sign this petition. This is such a sad case where a court case for cruelty was thrown out on a technicality and these dogs are now to be returned to their disgraceful owner.:mad: Please sign and maybe we can all make a real...
  9. Nell

    Bath time!

    Connie loves to play in the bath with her toys! her favourite is a Barbie doll, lol! Please post your bath time photos..........
  10. Nell

    Happy Christmas

    Wishing you all and your lovely pups a very Happy Christmas and New Year. Hope you all have good food, good company, some nice presents and lots of hugs!! :) Nell, Woody and Connie xx
  11. Nell

    Kennel Cough

    Both of my dogs were inoculated against Kennel Cough about eight months ago and now they both have it! Its definitely Kennel Cough (I have seen and heard it before), has anyone else experienced this after inoculations? I am wondering if it is a new strain? They are both OK, feeling a...
  12. Nell

    The Dachshund Creed

    Oh so true......................
  13. Nell


    Connie has now attended her second agility lesson and things are going surprisingly well! She absolutely loves the tunnel but getting her to wait at one end till I get to the other is proving a bit of a challenge, her enthusiasm is a slight disadvantage at times! The ramps she has taken to...
  14. Nell

    Dachshund Coats

    Winter is coming.....yuk! and I would love to know if anyone has found any good websites for dachshund coats.......... If you have a good knitting pattern for a jumper as well please share :)
  15. Nell

    Food, food & more food

    Has anyone ever tried refilling the bowl over and over again until their dachshund stopped eating? lol. My six month old constantly scavenges for food. Believe me she is very, very well fed, but we only have to leave the house and the pavements are licked clean! Chewing gum, fag butts you...
  16. Nell

    Strange facts

    I have just watched a documentary about the lives of dogs and evidently if your dog is right handed (you can tell whether your dog is right or left handed by the leg they lead with when they go from sitting to walking) and the swirls in their coat go anticlockwise they are more likely to be calm...
  17. Nell

    Sad but true...

    I just had to share this as it is just so true, dogs have the most forgiving of souls and we can all learn so much from them.
  18. Nell


    I have recently been studying the colour genetics for dachshunds and I am hoping someone can help me with a question. My pup is a red dapple girl, if I was to breed her to a clear red stud would the pups be 50% red dapple and 50% clear red? Also how would you know which are which, when my...
  19. Nell

    Thunder storms

    Does anyone have any good tips for a dog that is petrified of thunder storms? My 2 1/2 yr old dachshund cross hates thunderstorms. If he hears a loud clap of thunder he associates it with where he is at the time. He was once on a chair in my office and there was a loud bang and he wouldn't...
  20. Nell

    Vintage Photos

    Now that's what I call glamour!