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  1. Barron

    national dog day today

    My Kippers came to work with me today to help me celebrate. She's sitting under my desk right now with her favorite squeaky toy, bringing sunshine to a rainy day. At 14 years old, she now has cancer and so many aches that her vet bills cost more than my mortgage. I am sadden to think about...
  2. Barron

    the life you save....

    Today while visiting my 90 year old mother, I had the pleasure of meeting a 93 year old man, Tony Stevens, and his rescue Maltese, Tuffy. (Tuffy was named 14 year ago when he reached through a fence and bit a bull, coming away proudly with a mouthful of fur) Tony shared that he was there to...
  3. Barron

    waiting for you to come home

    Okay my Dachshund family its quitting time here on where I am, and I am headed home to see my Barron. Tail-a-thumping, eyes alight, i fell so happy to be home. If you are like me, here is a gift to you this Friday evening Waiting for you
  4. Barron

    new puppy and senior dog

    Well my Barron passed away...after 15 years. His sister is still with me, but yesterday I brought home a new puppy ! The new puppy is so excited, and my other Doxy is also 15. The new puppy keeps knocking her down. Decision: new puppy is on trial basis...thoughts please. Anyone have...
  5. Barron

    new puppy needs housebreaking

    why does this always happen when I am walking around barefoot! My new puppy is getting an indoor dog toilet.
  6. Barron

    Happy Friday

    Whoooo Hoooo I'm so ready for the weekend. What are your plan?
  7. Barron

    Old man

    My two babies are both 14 years old. One now seems very confused, (like me) and they both are slowing down quite a bit. They are in okay health, they stay thin but rarely run anymore. I know that sometime soon, I will no longer have their company, and it was suggested that I adopt a new puppy...
  8. Barron

    Housebreaking and Dr Marty Beckers choice / Pet Global Winners

    We attended the pet Global Expo and were delighted to find these ten best products. Thank you Dr Becker. 10 Best New Pet Products from Global Pet Expo By | Pets – Mon, Mar 17, 2014 12:42 PM EDT Email Share49 Print By Dr. Marty Becker | Pet Health | The...
  9. Barron

    Potty privileges

    I wanted to share this though a friend sent me today. I tried to post it once, but I am new to this site....but my Doxies are old. Sorry if it comes in twice I see so many questions here on house breaking and puppy pads Please allow me to share a thought. I am a dog trainer, and volunteer...
  10. Barron

    Bad dog What does your do when you are gone?

    When I am gone, Barron has been trying on my clothes. How do I stop this! Bad Barron LOL:)