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  1. Inkeri

    Geocaching dachshunds

    Other geocaching doxies out there?? :) I'm geocaching with my youngest doxie. I've even trained him to find caches. He's not 100%, but at least he's having fun. You can find us on georeino80 and on instagram @georeino80
  2. Inkeri


    Is this vBulletin thing messing up the forum for everybody? Or is it just me...? :(
  3. Inkeri

    Valentine's Day

    Happy Valentine's Day! Says Manu and friends. :)
  4. Inkeri

    Pes Varus

    Here's a good article about Pes Varus. Have you had dachsies with this condition?
  5. Inkeri

    Funny pics

    This is the funniest pic of our boys in ages... :D Do you have super funny pics of your lovely dachsies (and other pets too!)? :p
  6. Inkeri

    Reino's first match show

    Reino was 7th on his first match-show. :) He even got some prices. This was good practice for friday when we'll go to his first real dog-show. I'm so excited!!
  7. Inkeri


    Do you guys have indoor swimming pools just for dogs? We have one nearby. :) Our boys love it! They love swimming in lakes in the summer, but this is great fun during the long winter. And good sport for their long backs also!
  8. Inkeri

    Magic for dogs!

    Here's a funny video where a finnish magician does magic tricks for dogs. :D Where did the treat disappear????
  9. Inkeri

    Summer camping

    Me and Manu had the best weekend ever! :) We went to a Pirkanmaa tracking dogs's first ever summer camp. It was so much fun! Good friends, beautiful weather and great success in training. :)
  10. Inkeri

    Animal friendly research method

    How cool is this? :) Finnish researchers develop animal-friendly research method - Good News from Finland
  11. Inkeri

    Tracking training with Manu

    Here's some pics from our training this week. We're finding lost pets. :)
  12. Inkeri

    Blind, deaf, 3-legged dog saves family from fire

    Blind, deaf, 3-legged dog saves family from fire | – Oklahoma City News & Weather from KFOR Television, Oklahoma's News Channel 4 These are such wonderful news... I'm always crying when I read about these hero-dogs. :)
  13. Inkeri

    UK, USA and European (FCI) Dachshund Breed Standards

    Here's a useful comparison chart for anyone who's interested in dachshund standards and how they're different around the world. :) UK, USA and European (FCI) Dachshund Breed Standards comparison chart
  14. Inkeri

    What kind of dachshund related stuff do YOU have?

    I got this from Santa this christmas. :) I think it's so cool. (I have to admit, I have quite a lot of dachsie stuff...) :)
  15. Inkeri

    Manu now and then

    I just have to post this coz I found these old pics from my computer. Here's Manu 3 months and Manu 1,5 years. :)
  16. Inkeri

    Miss Nana :)

    We're taking care of our friend's dachsie while she's on vacation. Our boys have fell in love with Miss Nana... :) They're so cute!! Btw, do you have black&tan wirehairs where you live? In Finland it's a very rare color in wires. Nana is a beauty. :)
  17. Inkeri

    Saving your pet with CPR

    Here's how you do it. :)
  18. Inkeri

    We've graduated!

    Me and Manu just passed the basic course on tracking with Pirkanmaa's tracking-dogs today. :) Woohoo! We're so happy! Now we can start training with the others and maybe prepare for the next course. Manu is so good at this... And he LOVES tracking. :)
  19. Inkeri

    Yellow dogs

    Yellow dogs need more space I read about this yesterday. Are you familiar with this? I think it's a great idea. :) If only more people were aware of this, it would be wonderful. I think I'm going to tag both my dogs with yellow bows. ;)
  20. Inkeri

    Happy birthday Galilei "Kalle"

    My mom's dachsie just had his 15th birthday few days ago. He's still very active and happy dog. He just can't hear or see very well anymore. Happy birthday Kalle!! :)