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  1. Dusty Puddles

    How many Doxies do you have?

    This is Skye. I kinda like the name Wisper better.
  2. Dusty Puddles

    How many Doxies do you have?

    And I just did the ol' forehead slap. I KNEW I knew someone who had a deaf Doxie but I couldn't remember just who. The reason is because we recently rescued a little (7-8 pound) 2 year old girl who was deaf. She stayed with us for 8 or so weeks thru her spay (yeah, the hoarder who previously...
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    Inkeri, thanks for the like! Let me assure you, they all find their forever homes. In addition to being a rescue we are a sanctuary. As long as their quality of life permits, those that aren't adopted remain safe, happy, and loved with us. Some come a6nd go rather quickly, others take longer. A...
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    How many Doxies do you have?

    Who could argue that Doxies aren't just like Lays Potato Chips? Nobody can have just one!:D
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    If y'all like, you can "like" our rescue page. Dusty Puddles Dachshund Rescue You can see how I/we've built our rescue. Sadly:( , business is booming! :D --Ted W. Drewry--
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    How many Doxies do you have?

    We currently have 8 Doxies that are full time residents, plus a Lab/Aussie mix. But only one cat cause more than that would be silly. :o Fritz, Sadie, Max, Charlie, Sulley, Molley, Daisey, Walter, Pepper, and Smokey. Add to this menagerie the 7 rescue Doxies, and 3 foster dogs, I believe...
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    Breeding ethics?

    We have 9 dogs. All but 3 are unwanted/and/or rescues. All 9 are neutered. Every rescue that passes through here must be neutered except in the case of the really young puppies who we will let go early(for bonding) if the adopter agrees to have the animal fixed within 60 days of turning 6 months...
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    Toys That Might Last

    Be sure to boil the nylabones for about 15 minutes before you give 'em to your pets. I learned this back when we used nylon model airplane propellers. It removes any internal stresses and helps keep them from chipping off in pieces. You can throw in some beef or chicken bullion cubes and that...
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    Does your dachies "purr"?

    To the uninitiated our Molly(2yo b&t) appears to be growling really low.:eek: It even caused me some concern at first.:confused: So I stopped. :p She quickly explained!;) The old man, Walter, makes all sorts of noises but none that resemble "Purring". It's more like, "Snoring".:D
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    Baby I'm Yours

    Do you ever get a song stuck in your head? Dusty Puddles Dachshund Rescue 1 - YouTube
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    Yukon Chorus (Oh, Lonesome Me)

    Those are my babies singing. I would go to my shop in the back yard (50 feet away) and get a screwdriver or something and I could hear them so I set up the camera one day. I now have a much larger chorus line. :o But now we're out in the country. It's not uncommon for them to "tune up" 3 or 4...
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    Little Prayers

    In my little story I thought of The Rainbow Bridge and I asked; I finally found the answer. To the rescuers; We've never met, never shook hands. We've never really talked. But still, I know you/y'all. I find the last line embarrassing and I didn't post this for some feather in my hat...
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    How old are your dachshunds?

    Your Alf looks just like our Max. Walter 10+, Sadie 9.5, Fritz 7.5, Max 6, Charley 6, Sully 5, Daisy 4.5, Molly 3. I always figure 16 years for a Dachshund to be good rule of thumb. Of course there's always the exceptions. World's oldest dog celebrates 21st birthday with cake -...
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    Some Dachshund Humor....

    Holiday song that we can relate to as dog owners :) Dog tags ring, are you listenin'? ... In the lane, snow is glistenin'. It's yellow, NOT white - I've been there tonight, Marking up my winter wonderland. Smell that tree? That's my fragrance. It's a sign for wand'ring vagrants...
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    Very nice!
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    Traditional Dachshund?

    He looks like a fine feller to me. Dachshund - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia From wikipedia; Old-style dachshund showing the longer legs
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    Excellent advice! I'm always amazed when I watch a mother set one of her pups straight about nipping. For a few seconds she will convince the pup, and me, that that pup is fixin to meet its maker!:eek: And then, just as quickly, it's over and she's back to being momma.
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    Some Dachshund Humor....

    I hope I can post this here. I took this picture. I did not stage it. I just turned around one day and .... Selective breeding gone bad? :o
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    Dapple Question

    Neither our 3yo Daisy (permanent resident) nor Lil 11mo Gunner (the second rescue named Gunner in 5 months) seem to have any vision problems as far as I've been able to tell except Daisy's marbled eye makes her look kinda mean (but she's certainly not). I guess I'll have to figure out how to...
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    Little Prayers

    I thank you all for your kind words but I'm not certain I deserve any of it and here's why. I'm a 56 y/o type I diabetic, 41+ years. I was able to work long enough to earn a pretty good retirement before my eyes failed and I was forced to retire. So I can go home, safe and sound, and bored? :(...