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  1. Wandering Man

    How smart is your doxie?

    I was reminded again this morning that PD is really smart. I was first aware that he was special before he turned one. I had climbed up to an 18" downward sloping ledge on the second story of our house to do a quick window repair. When I turned around to get down, I realized that I had not...
  2. Wandering Man

    Tracking classes?

    I think they flip their ears back because they think it is stylish. Sometimes my guys will just have one ear flipped back. Sometimes they do both. Sometimes neither ear. Kinda like wearing different shoes just so you look different today than you did yesterday.
  3. Wandering Man

    Tracking classes?

    PD showed a lot of talent for tracking when he was young. At one time I thought about earth dog contests ( ( We never followed through, though. At 13 he can still track, just not as well. With eyesight failing, he'll...
  4. Wandering Man

    Hello from MA

    LOL! Sorry!
  5. Wandering Man

    Hello from MA

    Welcome to the forum. Stephanie is a sweet looking girl!
  6. Wandering Man

    Stranger Agression.. 1 year old foster

    We think Frank is allergic to the beef, or something in the Purina brand dog foods. We give him chicken, and that helps. Still there are seasonal allergens. When he starts scratching or licking, we know it is time to give him a baby Benadryl (the vet's recommendation). It seems to help. We...
  7. Wandering Man


    We lost Henry in 2012, and wife at first said no to another companion for PD. But as PD became more demanding, she saw that he really did need a "brother." She found Frank online at an adoption center in a nearby town. I was commuting to work there, so I stopped in to visit. Frank had been...
  8. Wandering Man

    Minnies, tweenies, standards

    After we lost Henry, we got Frank, who is smaller than PD. Now that we have had Frank for four years (gosh, has it really been so long?), PD seems like a large sized Doxie. I wonder if he has grown in size? Probably not. I think it must just be the comparison of the two.
  9. Wandering Man

    Chocolate and Tan dapple or...???

    I think he is beautiful, will bring you years of joy and love.
  10. Wandering Man

    Weiner-Dog the Movie.. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MOVIE

    Thanks for the warning Donna. I came across the movie while looking for something for Wife and I to watch. I watched the trailer, and already felt sad about a dachshund having to live with four different families. We decided to watch something else. It struck me as odd that they mentioned...
  11. Wandering Man


    Welcome to the forum, Karen
  12. Wandering Man

    Tikva at three-months-old

    Sweet looking puppy. PD had to have a "brother" to teach him how to be a dog. He was sold to us a 5 weeks old, much too young .
  13. Wandering Man

    Strange bathroom habits

    "Who's training who?" Our doxies are really good at training us. And it is appropriate that we learn from them. They have so much to teach us about life and love. Sometimes they just want your attention/affection. Even at 5 am. I bet there are a lot of doxie owners on this forum who sleep with...
  14. Wandering Man

    Let's liven up this Forum.

    Our dachshunds are very good at alerting us to the events outside the door ... Too good. We know the trash truck turns onto our street (bark on) and when they have moved on to the next block (bark off). Like Tikka, they greet every one at the door with barks, and will continue to bark until we...
  15. Wandering Man

    Advice for older adopted puppy

    We did pretty well with taking ours out on a leash at scheduled times, heaping praise when the deed was done. They caught on pretty quickly, although there was some variance in how quickly each dog figured out what we wanted. It also helped when we had two dogs to take out. The new one...
  16. Wandering Man

    Need advice with dachshund/puppies rescue.

    Wow! Great story. Thank you for rescuing two doxies and giving them a better life.
  17. Wandering Man

    Hello fellow dachshund owners

    Precious. Enjoy the love.
  18. Wandering Man

    New member from Texas

    Welcome to the forum! I'm glad Jakey found a new home.
  19. Wandering Man

    Support needed IVDD surgery

    All I can offer is empathy and Prayers for you and Jensen.
  20. Wandering Man

    My Doxie is freaking out

    It sounds risky, but I wonder if a second dog would help? Maybe you could "borrow" one from the local shelter over the weekend to see if this helps.