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  1. Gies

    Dachshund related info & paperwork

    Just some dachshund related info & paperwork, the papers on my onedrive are free to read or download. ;) Dachshund on Wikipedia FCI Standard No 148 Dachshund Commentary to the FCI standard for Dachshunds
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    Tutorial on how to upload pictures

    Follow this link to my tutorial on how to upload pictures on this forum. Download the pdf and follow step 1 to 4 and your pictures should show up like this. Just experiment and let me know if you have any questions or run into problems, good luck and have fun. Mokka in 2013. :D:D
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    How to hold your doxie.

    In reaction to this video Cameron Martin came with this answer.
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    Walter loves the ocean.

    Run Walter, run.
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    Dog caught stealing chicken nuggets.

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    Weirdest dog pic ever?

    :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    How to edit a topic title?

    Hello admin, I would like to change the topic title of a thread I opened in the new members section. I searched the vBadvanced forum where I learned that you should open the thread, click the "thread tools" drop down menu and click "edit this thread" to change the title ... and voila...
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    Happy animals

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    Iso says hi.

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    Top speed

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    Dutch doxie Anna with braces.

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    French Bulldog Alice asks on sofa (funny)

    Haha, funny. :D French Bulldog Alice asks on sofa.mp4 - YouTube
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    Christmas present

    Dog Receives 210 Bottles for Christmas - YouTube
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    Coolest dachshund alive?

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    Is your doxie ready for Sandy??

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    Random pics

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    Dachshunds under water

    Credits go to Seth Casteel
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    Random dachshund videos.

    dumb vs. smart wiener dog - YouTube
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    Dog animated gifs

    Dog related animated gifs
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    Kiki & Mokka videos

    Summer 2010. :cool: