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    Just Joined

    Welcome from Seattle! I agree - pictures! It sounds like things are going to be VERY busy at your house :)
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    Saying Hello!

    Hello and welcome! It sounds like quite the household!
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    Mini or standard?

    He is so stinking cute! His markings look like little angel wings :)
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    Laundry Day!

    Aw, how sweet! I'm learning that if I can't find Frankie upon entering a room, to first look underneath the blankets. Funny little dachshunds!
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    Laundry Day!

    That is so cute! Frankie will steal any and all socks that are left behind. I should start hiding treats in them :)
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    Laundry Day!

    Frankie "helping" fold the the clothes fresh from the dryer!
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    Dachshund Brain Games!

    Great ideas! I saw one of those tires at the pet store and wondered how she'd feel about it. That's a great picture!
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    Dachshund Brain Games!

    Oh my gosh! Too funny!
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    Dachshund Brain Games!

    I've been trying to come up with some mentally stimulating games for Frankie because she is showing us every day that she is one smart cookie! I've tried some ideas from others on the forum - a treat ball, hiding her toys around the house etc. but was wondering if anyone else has some fun...
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    Like others have said - be consistent! We take our 7 month old outside at the same time (roughly) in the morning, afternoon and evening. We also have a "catch phrase" for her. For instance, we leave the house at 6:15 a.m., walk the same route, and when she pees we say, "Take care of business!"...
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    Hello from Kent UK

    Hello and welcome! They sound beautiful and I love their names. I have a 7 month old red smooth mini, Frankie. Can't wait to hear more about your two!
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    Pseudo Pregnancy

    I hope you and Connie are feeling better and better, and I am so sorry that you both are having to go through all this worry and stress. We're sending you big hugs and lots of well wishes from Seattle!
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    Well I did it

    Congratulations! She is absolutely adorable. I am so happy for you! Can't wait to see more pictures :)
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    Beau's bday and Gotcha Day 1 April

    Happy Birthday Mr. Handsome! I love those photos. I hope you both have an EXTRA wonderful day!
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    Hello from Choco and his mom!

    Hi! Welcome from Seattle! Those pictures are fantastic! He is adorable. The picture of him with your husband is wonderful. So much love!